Specialty Areas

AGLPC Group, LLC serves a wide variety of industries.  Some include the following:

Construction and Real Estate

The construction and real estate industry is a core industry that our firm services.  Our partners  have two decades of experience serving the industry to create efficiencies with respect to the stringent reporting requirements facing organizations in the industry.  We develop strategies to minimize the tax liabilities for closely held businesses and ensure financial goals are being met from an individual tax and wealth planning standpoint.  

Manufacturing and Distribution

In today’s environment, manufacturers and distributors face many unique challenges and must develop strategies to reduce costs in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.  Our firm has the expertise to help you minimize taxes while advising you on ways to reduce costs through the implementation of effective internal controls.  

Professional Services

Our firm works with a variety of service providers including those in the following industries:  consultants, insurance, medical, law, restaurant and technology just to name a few.